NMS should be distinguished from some pathological conditions that have similar clinical manifestations, but treatment that is different from the neuroleptic syndrome. Effective therapy for NMS is possible only in a specialized hospital (resuscitation department or intensive care ward), although first emergency care can be provided immediately. The treatment itself usually includes the following activities.

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Electroconvulsive therapy is indicated for confusion, high fever, profuse sweating and obvious catatonic symptoms (6 to 10 sessions). When taking pills is harmful, or neuroleptic malignant syndrome. What is neuroleptic malignant syndrome and how it is dangerous for humans will be discussed in detail in this article. Neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS or NDS), sometimes called neuroleptic deficiency syndrome, is an extrapyramidal mental disorder of a person while taking antipsychotics or drugs against Parkinson's disease. As a rule, the main symptom complex of this disease manifests itself in the first year of taking antipsychotic drugs, and several decades ago, it was even considered a normal phenomenon in the treatment of diseases such as schizophrenia and the like, since it occurred in a large number of people.

This syndrome is dangerous for the patient, since the mortality rate reaches 30%, moreover, it affects social existence, the person partially or completely loses the ability to work. NMS can occur during long-term use of certain antipsychotic drugs or in connection with their abrupt withdrawal (which is why it is important to coordinate your actions regarding the use of medications with your treating specialist). Medicines that, one way or another, can have an impact on the development of NCD include.

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However, the gradual study of antipsychotic drugs has made it clear to specialists that such a reaction of the body to buy ed drugs is incorrect and poses a danger to the patient. Among other things, the reason for the development of this disease may be the following. Among other things, patients who have the following indicators in their anamnesis are at risk. Also at risk are men and young patients; it is possible that even a child may suffer from this syndrome. So, the symptoms of this disease can be confused with the symptoms of some other diseases, so it is important to distinguish NMS at the initial stage.

Neuroleptic syndrome is characterized by the following manifestations:leniyami. The main clinical sign is a stuporous (stunned) state, which can develop into a coma. In the symptom complex, I distinguish two types of signs - basic and optional, where the second type is not always present.

Muscle rigidity (this condition can develop to such an extent that it is not only difficult for a person to bend a limb, he simply cannot do it. This phenomenon is called the lead pipe effect. In addition, the patient’s movements may exhibit jerky jumps, with small pauses, like a gear wheel moving). Increased body temperature. Mental disorders (these disorders begin to order buy ed pills themselves against the background of dehydration and can be characterized by agitation of consciousness, confusion, coma, etc.). Autonomic disorders (irregular heart rhythm, increased salivation, sweating, high greasiness of the skin, decreased firmness and elasticity of the skin, dehydration). The result of an overlooked malignant neuroleptic syndrome can be pulmonary edema, as well as cerebral edema, which will cause death.